Georgia Kareola
~ Profiles, Interviews and Personal Reflections

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(20) “Neo-Metabolism provides a stream of consciousness that flows along the themes of climate adaptation, personal agency, spiritual machines and more-than-human ecologies. It’s an ongoing, omni-channel, multi-perspective publication by a small but planetary collective.
~ Neo-Metabolism

(19) “Specter investigates digital culture, posthuman practices, scientific theories and design ideas to relish humanness, sentience and sensuality in our human-tech playgrounds.
~ Specter 

(18) “When it transpired that the majority of what we collected could not be recycled but would go to landfill, I started to realise – fuck – we're doomed.
~ The Earth Issue 

(17) “Sliding across the boisterous mountain ranges on the purple planet, they looked back satisfied on the afternoon, strolling along dense meadows while the seven black suns slowly warmed the earth.
~ Petra Katanic

(16) “Worn by anonymised individuals, the collection can be viewed in a navigable environment, where modified stills create the setting of a universal suburb.
~ Random Studio 

(15) “Most of the transgenders in Kampala have no money for hormones or surgery, and even if they do, these substances or procedures are not always within reach.” 
~ Principles of Light

(14) “1zu33 is an architectural studio working exclusively in the field of spatial brand communication. We make values visible in bespoke environments.
~ 1zu33

(13) “Schomaker's often androgynous characters are without exception quietly introspective, with contemplative postures positioned in tranquil environments.
~ Reflex Amsterdam

(12) “The photographers will leave a trail of hand-folded, vacuum sealed garments as a gift to subcultures to come, while building a body of photographic research.
~ Fred Perry x Raf Simons

(11) “Over the years, Reflex has developed a strong publishing tradition – once ignited by Cobra's ambition to merge publishing and art – resulting in high quality limited editions, prints and monographs, often published alongside exhibitions.
~ Reflex Amsterdam

(10) “He breathes in, and for a moment feels the relief that comes with having space. He breathes out and opens his laptop.
~ LOT 2046

(9) “A couple of days before I inadvertently poisoned us, we decided, impromptu, post-lunch to drive to the countryside.
~ On sustainability

(8) “The subversive dimension of a guerilla fashion shoot in an abandoned shopping mall was not entirely incidental.
~ Ana Rita Sousa

(7) “His practice can be seen as a continuous experiment with our perception of space, resulting in minimal, high-impact installations, as well as sculptural objects and photographs.
~ Danny Foolen

(6) “His interest lies with the aesthetics & ethics of technology at a time where man and machine incontrovertibly merge.
~ Carsten Goertz

(5) “Humble and mundane foods like cheeseburgers or ice cream take on a new poignancy, as the pictures become surrogate portraits of the prisoners.
~ Other Criteria

(4) “Contesting the static binary male-female classification, this series investigates the expansive grey zone that exists between the sexes.
~ Sevilay Maria

(3) “Against the backdrop of industrial chimneys, tidal waves and soaring satellites, satanists play their synthesizers while the world is falling apart.
~ Daily Serving

(2) “The framing of the monumental entrance shows – per inscription in Latin – de Jong’s now ripened vision: It befits a wise architect to arrange spaces so they serve as a roof for the body and a view for the mind.
~ Jan De Jong

(1) “Dumitrescu’ s paintings show, besides tragedy, the strength and resilience that live in every travelling soul and the beauty and love no violence can kill.
~ Saatchi Online

“So, you're a conduit” he somewhat satisfied concluded.

She paused.

“I'm not sure they will know what that means... they might think the wrong thing of me... that I'm a tube or a pipe... perhaps even a plumbing service... and I'm really none of those things.”

“No”, he said, “you aren't. You're definitely not a pipe.”