Georgia Kareola
~ Profiles, Interviews and Personal Reflections

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(12) “The photographers will leave a trail of hand-folded, vacuum sealed garments as a gift to subcultures to come, while building a body of photographic research.
~ Fred Perry x Raf Simons

(11) “Over the last three decades, Reflex developed a strong publishing tradition, producing high quality limited editions, prints and publications.
~ Reflex Amsterdam

(10) “He breathes in, and for a moment feels the relief that comes with having space. He breathes out and opens his laptop.
~ LOT 2046

(9) “A couple of days before I inadvertently poisoned us, we decided, impromptu, post-lunch to drive to the countryside.
~ On sustainability

(8) “The subversive dimension of a guerilla fashion shoot in an abandoned shopping mall was not entirely incidental.
~ Ana Rita Sousa

(7) “His practice can be seen as a continuous experiment with our perception of space, resulting in minimal, high-impact installations, as well as sculptural objects and photographs.
~ Danny Foolen

(6) “His interest lies with the aesthetics & ethics of technology at a time where man and machine incontrovertibly merge.
~ Carsten Goertz

(5) “Humble and mundane foods like cheeseburgers or ice cream take on a new poignancy, as the pictures become surrogate portraits of the prisoners.
~ Other Criteria

(4) “Contesting the static binary male-female classification, this series investigates the expansive grey zone that exists between the sexes.
~ Sevilay Maria

(3) “Against the backdrop of industrial chimneys, tidal waves and soaring satellites, satanists play their synthesizers while the world is falling apart.
~ Daily Serving

(2) “The framing of the monumental entrance shows - per inscription in Latin - de Jong’s now ripened vision: It befits a wise architect to arrange spaces so they serve as a roof for the body and a view for the mind.
~ Jan De Jong

(1) “Our urban surroundings are encapsulating, alienating and addictive, depending on the mood we’re in and the drugs we’ve taken.
~ Saatchi Online

“So, you're a conduit” he somewhat satisfied concluded.

She paused.

“I'm not sure they will know what that means... they might think the wrong thing of me... that I'm a tube or a pipe... perhaps even a plumbing service... and I'm really none of those things.”

“No”, he said, “you aren't. You're definitely not a pipe.”