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Project Descriptions

ENO, 2021 – Located on a steep slope at the intersection of an industrial area and an agricultural, recreational zone. This new workstation for Energie Opfikon AG was an opportunity to reinvent the relationship between architect and contractor.

ROOT, 2022 – Built within the regional constraints, while disrupting traditional elements with contemporary interventions. ROOT was built on the land of Stephan’s grandfather, who bought it from the money he saved when he quit smoking.



A et al. was born from the acknowledgment that architects are masters in staging atmospheric spatial experiences. The mission is to move beyond this, into the realm of the unpredictable.

Following the new materialist idea of “decentering the human” and the understanding that all livelihoods are created in collaboration between both human and nonhuman actors, room to redefine control and cultivate contingency is created by “decentering the architect”.

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