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Narrative development
Visual Identity by Neo-Metabolism


Instead of the fortress, there are numerous fortresses now, and various people have keys.

The treasures are no longer stored in the secluded cellars and tombs of the few, but guarded by the many. A new language has evolved, used to keep the treasures safe and allow those who watch over them to communicate, directly and discretely. The hieroglyphic system consists only of geometric shapes, as an homage to the interconnected data centers with their cages, racks and cabinets.


Glif is a personal, secure and easy to use web wallet, specifically built for Filecoin. It facilitates every transaction you make, allows you to send and receive Filecoin and is your key to file retrieval.

This application is an essential piece in the Filecoin ecosystem, which enables decentralized, encrypted storage of personal, public and commercial data. Instead of storing your files in a centrally governed cloud, imagine your data owned by you and stored safely by someone near you. Instead of trusting your company’s confidential documents to a single corporation, imagine it reliably stored with guaranteed longevity.

Glif is the place where decentralized file storage and cryptocurrency interconnect.

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