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Since early 2022 we developed a series of Design Stories for seven new vehicles in NIO’s fleet. Based on interviews with automotive designers and engineers, these documents capture the specific qualities of these electric vehicles, and are the foundation for all communication. In addition, we refined NIO’s tone of voice, and provided narrative consultancy.

More recently, we worked with NIO’s UX/UI team to develop a writing guideline and tailored Tone of Voice for the company’s in-car UX/UI.


NIO ET7 Design Story

The ET7 is the first ever NIO sedan.

Powerful and fast, but with a soft, elegant touch. This sedan embodies the optimal balance between fastpaced city life, and the warmth and comfort of home. Its elongated size gives this car strength and confidence while the sleek, sophisticated design allows it to remain agile and light. Silent, smooth yet self-assured, the ET7 is an elegant, spacious sedan, designed to provide the serenity of a sanctuary.

With every opportunity we refined the exterior, from the flush automatic door handles to the sweeping crystal-like tail lamps, to our frameless windows offering an uninterrupted view.


A second living room (with a sunroof)

Inspired by the ET7’s autonomous capabilities, we designed the cabin to feel like a sophisticated, calm, and comfortable mobile living space. Like the perfect living room, it contains a few key elements. Light is often the first thing we notice when entering a space, and the long panoramic sunroof bathes the interior in natural, UV-filtered sunlight.

Drive while feeling connected to the sky.

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