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(10) User-in-residence program with Carsten Goertz and LOT 2046. Thank you, Vadik, Sergey, Yagmur, Joe, Danylo, Reed, Clint, Nile and Toby. 


777600 seconds left. One day in. Dreams? None so far. The first night is always demanding. Unfamiliar places make time appear less fast, but also heighten awareness. He takes some time to take in the view. People walking in and out of the laundrette, the sound of foreign sirenes. The sky looks crisp, trees show signs of early spring, but there's certainly still a chill. Engaging with the world can wait though, if it happens at all. These thoughts first need some time.

For a second he remembers the work Jadidja did, on the device. Everything changed when the first user went into residence. LOT currency took off not long after the device went live, and the collaborative invention of products like LOT 0181 was epic, not to mention the work on the house (LOT 0106). It's hard to recall the time when users were just on the receiving end of the supply chain, when there was only a small team doing the design.

This time, he'll be working on LOT 0256. He was always concerned with transport, and the idea for this vehicle just got stuck in his mind. 

Days during LOT 0045 feel monastic, while nights can apparently get wild. Of course, there's the serenity that dedication to a single task brings. He breathes in, and for a moment feels the relief that comes with having space. He breathes out and opens his laptop.