Not A Pipe
Narrative development
and professional profiling

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Not A Pipe is a linguistic service station.

Working predominantly in the fields of architecture, art, design, and sustainable innovation our services include narrative development, consultancy, and professonal profiling.

Often using the interview-based method of conduism, we create truthful textual representations, while addressing matters of identity, positioning, messaging, and tonality.

Not A Pipe is a friendly, human help desk and was founded in 2017 by Georgia Kareola.

“So, you're a conduit” he somewhat satisfied concluded.

She paused.

“I'm not sure they will know what that means... they might think the wrong thing of me... that I'm a tube or a pipe... perhaps even a plumbing service... and I'm really none of those things.”

“No”, he said, “you aren't. You're definitely not a pipe.”