(20) Identity, Mission Statement and Narrative for Twister Media Group and Twister Research 

Humanity continuously seeks to evolve. Throughout history, we’ve built technologies to materialise our ideas and augment our capabilities. At Twister Media Group, we choose, with every decision we make, to apply technology so it can help improve the quality of life, for as many beings as possible.

We believe that humans are social, curious and expressive creatures; that they deserve to interact, learn and create, as much and as often as possible. We believe that what gives us a sense of fulfilment and joy, should gain in prominence. Technology should enable us to have these experiences, not prevent us from having them.

Our mission is to bring people together through shared experiences; to help them find, reach and inspire one another. We advocate the power of diversity and aim to make all voices heard. We do this by connecting creators with their audiences by using tools that allow them to engage with each other; always transparently and in ways that are mutually beneficial.

Our services can be applied in various contexts, from entertainment to collective decision-making and sentiment analysis. Our aim is to generate meaningful results and insights for our customers, create more exciting and fulfilling experiences for their audiences, and to contribute to science by publishing our findings.

We provide full service with regards to the implementation and use of our technology and facilitate in all aspects from the creation of custom formats to implementation during live events and interpretation of the results.