(1) The Maker Store - Brand Stories

These tanktops may not get you high, but their story will sure get you high on life. This one-man brand blends ethics, aesthetics, quality and craftmanship, curing fashion's ills along the way. HEMPJE’s unisex hemp collection is hand-made and hand-dyed in Amsterdam.

Roze Bunker
Roze bunker is a young collective of syrup specialists. With knowledge of beer (and syrup!) brewing and a passion for globetrotting, they create adventurous colours and tastes. Delicious as soda replacements or cocktail compliments, and kids also tend to love their style. We're quite obsessed with their labels.

Stad & Vat

The self-appointed whisky connoisseurs at Stad & Vat started experimenting with wooden barrels some years ago, ripening bourbon blends at home. In 2014 they professionalised their passion, bringing their barrels and bottles to town.

TAJ Jewellery
Taj is Sanskrit for jewel and the abbreviation in Dutch means being loyal to yourself. A coincidence? We don’t think so. Taj is a brand with strong values and each piece tells its own story. The entire collection is made by hand, under fair and sustainable conditions in Bali. Taj only uses recycled silver and gold. Good for the planet and for the people; loyal to itself.

How to Avoid the Other Tourists
We know what it’s like… we all hate feeling like a tourist. This book helps you look like a local among the locals, while you discover new parts of town. It’s one of the most comprehensive non-tourist guides.
Avoid ahead!

Our/Amsterdam (Vodka)

This vodka brand strives to dominate the planet. Our/Vodka (the mothership) was founded in Berlin in 2013 and there are currently micro-distilleries in Los Angeles, Seattle, London and Detroit. Our/Amsterdam was launched in 2015, using Dutch grain and Dutch tap water (which, by the way, is really good).


The idea to work with locally sourced wood arrived by coincidence, when cabinet-maker Tom Marcelis was sourcing elm wood for a tabletop. For his series of Stadsplanken, or city boards, he only uses city trees that needed to be taken down. The process from tree to Stadsplank takes about four months, a lot of which is dedicated to the wood drying.

Willem’s Wermoed

Inspired by the Amsterdam Botanical Gardens and infused with 24 botanicals including pine tops and wild thyme (handpicked, obviously), Holland’s first Vermouth is a subtle, bittersweet aperitif and a wonderful cocktail base. Yes, we know, you’ll love it.

Based in a former school building in Amsterdam West, Monsak makes bags, wallets, pouches and purses. With an eye on being good to the world, Monsak uses overstock leather or parts that did not pass the strict selection process of high-end brands. 
Handmade by Margriet and her small, dedicated team, Monsaks’s bags are durable, sustainable and Dutch-weather friendly.


Laveos is a small-scale soap brand, lovingly making soap by hand. Each bar is made with a base of olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter, mixed with essential oils and exotic things like Dead Sea mud or poppy seeds. No baddies.