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(4) Exhibition text and Biography - 
Sevilay Maria 


Contesting the static binary male-female classification, this series investigates the expansive grey zone that exists between the sexes. Whether hormonally, genetically or culturally more fluid than the stereotypical alpha types, these subjects seem to not fit in any gender branded boxes.

This selection of a series by Principles of Light was made using wet plate collodion photography. The technique uses collodion and silver nitrate, two fluids which, when combined on a light sensitive plate, enable a more detailed image and greater depth of field than many other analog techniques.

The intimate, gradual process of taking a portrait with this analog equipment, allows the character and feeling state of the people photographed to shine. Briefly, fluidity solidifies into image, before it inevitably flows on.

Sevilay Maria is an inherently nomadic, autodidactic maker of analog photographs, prints and magic, currently based in Amsterdam. After some years at the KABK in The Hague, she decided to take her work elsewhere. She traveled through over thirty countries, documenting landscapes and people wherever she went, before specializing in wet plate collodion photography. The beauty of this technique, is that it relies equally on the chemistry between photographer and subject as on a fluency in the chemical process involved. Open-minded, free-spirited and a gipsy at heart, Sevilay is constantly searching for synergy, and finds this more often than not.