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(17) Exhibition text for Petra Katanic 

“Almost there." It had been a long day. Sliding across the boisterous mountain ranges on the purple planet, they looked back satisfied on the afternoon, strolling along dense meadows while the seven black suns slowly warmed the earth. "Can you tell us once more, mamma, how it was?" "Of course, she said, of course." And while she placidly drove the planet cruiser past pale pink rubbertrees and passing yellow clouds, she once more, calmly, told them her story. Afterwards, they thought of a new plan, for tomorrow. They wanted to see the stairs of Thaleus and climb the mountain of Quartz. Once at home, the boys almost immediately dissappeared into their oxygen rich sleeping cabines. She gave them a kiss and got ready to, before going to bed herself, briefly look at the moon. Quietly she heard his voice behind her. “Mama, turn off the light, otherwise I can't see my dreams."